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Some 30 years ago Charles and Cindy Cohen opened the first private taxi service in the East Windsor area and subsequently went on to become a staple service in the area.

I went to work for Charlie in 2016 after a lengthy disability and at the end of the year having decided to retire.  Charlie made me an offer that I couldn't refuse so I purchased the business in 2017, and in less than in less than a year later Charlie succumb to cancer.   
May He Rest in Peace!

Since that time I have tried to use my past experience in the industry (over 20 years driving, dispatching and managing some of  the largest car services in Brooklyn, NY),  along with the basic idea of East Windsor Taxi's "family owned and operated business feeling" to create our rather unique business model and style.

Our new business model is geared toward scheduled airport service and the business traveler rather than impromptu call work, w
hich has allowed us to give our business and airport travelers what we believe they want and deserve. 

A Truly Business Class Taxi Service!
Not exactly a Mom and Pop Taxi service and not exactly a limo service, rather something that draws from the best of both.

Over the years we have learned how to reach the balance between the professionalism of a limousine service with the feeling of a "mom & pop" taxi service.  


The end result has been the development of a very familiar yet professional relationship with our clients and customers, and a rather unique taxi service experience.  So we are told anyway.

I hope that you will give our service a try and let us show you what our service can do for you!

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Be Well, Be Safe, and God Bless

William R Mullins Jr (Bill)
owner/member - Above and Beyond Taxi Service LLC

You are the backbone of our business and without your support we can not deliver the type of service that we want to deliver.

Your Star Rating helps us on the search engines and Your Comments help us in our operations.  It is by this feedback from you that can fine tune our operation and subsequently grow our business.

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